What is Bodycraft?

The name Bodycraft came to me during an evening meditation...

Weaving together several massage techniques and guided by my intuitive abilities, I craft the body on all levels... physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is my wish that through touch you will feel invited into the present moment and gain a deeper sense of yourself as you experience true relaxation.

Your First Session

Upon arrival, I'll take a brief medical history and assess your posture to determine where your body might be compensating for any stress.

I'll follow up with a few questions about how you are feeling and where you sense you are holding tension in your body. This may include questions about recent injuries or exercise habits you incorporate in your daily life.

In some cases I'll show you yogic postures that will help you release tension for specific issues such as low back pain or tight hamstrings.

After that we'll begin your massage...

What People Are Saying

The integrity of Heather's touch is truly amazing. I've never been so knowingly manipulated on the table. Her energy is incredibly consistent. You feel safe in her hands. You can't help but surrender to the healing she's facilitating in your body. As a dancer and fitness professional, I've experienced a number of massage professionals across the country, and this was definitely unlike anything I've experienced before.
—Jason, RI (Fitness Instructor, Professional Dancer)

This was the most unusual massage I've ever had. This was the most EXCELLENT massage I've ever had!
—Phillipe Petite, NY ~ "Man On Wire" (Film Documentary)

For the past twenty years I have enjoyed a monthly massage in many U.S. states and foreign countries all over the world — I have NEVER experienced anything like Heather's technique. It was nearly an out of body experience for me. Complete relaxation. Hands down, without hesitation, the best massage I have ever had. I just wish it didn't have to end.
—Chris, Chesapeake, VA

Heather has the healer's touch.
—Dave D., Boston, MA

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Bodycraft Massage fees are consistent with those of most spas... with a slight premium added for in-home/on-site massages due to the travel involved. Please call for the current rates.


A 12 hour notice is required to avoid full payment for missed sessions. However, extreme emergencies as well as treacherous weather will be taken into consideration.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available upon request. Call in your order and I'll mail (or email) the gift certificate directly to you or the person you are giving it to.